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Yoga for kids? What are the benefits?

Yoga blends physical activity with breathwork and guided mindful activities to help children separate themselves from feeling stressed or anxious. Deep breathing exercises send signals to the brain telling it to relax. Yoga focuses on the present moment and encourages children to leave their thoughts and worries behind. With a relaxed body and mind children are better able to cope with their emotions, i.e. frustration, patience, sad, angry etc.  A regular yoga practice will help translate focus from the movements in yoga practice to schoolwork and other activities the child is involved in. Sessions scaffold from the first to the last class, building repetition, patterns, and memory.
Kids yoga activities can be done as individuals or as group exercises. Through yoga they are taught to focus on themselves personally as well as how they contribute the the success of a group or community through partner poses and group poses. Through these activities they build confidence with their practice and who they are as a person. Each child is taught to have an “I can” attitude with poses, and are taught to not give up even if a pose does not come to them easily.

Key Benefits: 

Refining Flexibility & balanceKey Benefits: 
Reducing stress & anxiety
Developing concentration, self awareness & Focus
Creating Mind-Body connection
Encouraging sense of self, community, and Teamwork


We offer a ceramics class to students in our enrichment program.

Students will hand-build with a fiber clay perfect for sculpting. We will do several projects; the human head in miniature, the human figure, and sculpt some animal figurines of the students choice.

Class is taught in one of the school’s art rooms.   


The Japanese martial art of Aikido is a comprehensive system of throwing, joint/locking, striking and pinning techniques, coupled with training in traditional Japanese weapons.

For the young Aikido students there learning is taken very slowly with attention to safety for all the students. The learning of basic exercises and blending movements, which will lead to techniques are key to the training. The saying slow is smooth and smooth is fast is a focus point as well as self control. Aikido is known as the way of peace.

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