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What Sets NMIS Apart?

    A Niche.com Top School

    A- Overall Rating! View our Profile here.

    High Performing School

    2023 MSSA Results (grades 3-8)

      • 52.5% proficient or advanced in Math
      • 61.8% proficient or advanced in English Language Arts
      • 71.2% proficient or advanced in Science (grades 5&8)

    2023 PED VISTAS “School Designation” Level:  Excellence  

    Developmentally Appropriate and Research Supported Homework Policy

    Click here for more information on our Homework Policy

    Our students have reasonable homework loads based upon research on homework efficiency. First graders have approxiemately 10 minutes per night, and this increases up to 60-80 minutes per for middle school students.

    Top Reasons to Enroll Your Child at NMIS

    U.S. students need to know more about the world. A recent study showed that:

    Half of 18- to 24-year-olds could not find New York state on the map of the United States.

    Can your child point to where New York is on a U.S. map? 

    Fewer than three in ten felt that it was absolutely necessary to know where countries in the news were located.

    Can your child locate the countries where this morning’s headlines are from?

    Only 14% believed speaking another language fluently was a necessary skill.

    All around the world, bilingualism is the rule, not the exception.  In addition, multiple studies actually show improved brain function and neuro-plasticity of people who learned more than two languages early in life.  

    Fewer than one in five young Americans owned a world map.

    How can American youths learn about our world when they don’t even own a world map?

    Three in ten respondents placed the United States population between one and two billion.

    Does your child know how many people live in the U.S.? Hint: Its between 300-400 million

    74% said English was the most commonly spoken native language in the world.

    English is the third most spoken, followed by Chinese and Spanish (Arabic is fourth)


    What do you love about NMIS?

    Testimonials from parents of current students at NMIS:

    What the parents say about NMIS.

    What do you love about NMIS?

    How involved the staff and other parents are!  It’s contagious!

    • Jesse (parent of 2nd grader, 2024)


    What do you love about NMIS?

    The variety of in-school and afterschool activities offered! So many opportunities to try new things!

    • Joy (parent of 1st grader, 2024)


    What do you love about NMIS?

    We love this school! We moved to TX for a year and comparing the school system to NMIS the entire time. The programs offered here are life changing for some and we are lucky to be a part of the school! So glad to be back!

    • Ashley  (parent of 1st grader and 3rd grader, 2024)


    What do you love about NMIS?

    The children and their families. The teachers have been great and the administration is result-oriented.

    • Daisy (parent of 3rd grader, 4th grader and 7th grader, 2024)

    What do you love about NMIS?

    I love the way teachers and office staff are all familiar with the children, it builds a sense of community. My family has been a part of NMIS since 5 years ago and have always felt welcome!

    • Iveth  (parent of kindergarten and 4th grader, 2023)

    What do you love about NMIS?

    Teaching our kids to be mindful of themselves as well as others, especially those that are different from us. The concept of thinking beyond ourselves at a worldly level.

    • Alicia (parent of kindergarten and 2nd grader, 2023)

    What do you love about NMIS?

    We love how much the staff truly cares about the students and their well being.

    • Jason (parent of 4th grader, 2023)

    What do you love about NMIS?

    It has been amazing to see how much NMIS has grown and matured over the years! Their relentless efforts to improve and create the best possible environment for the students is wonderful. We feel so lucky to be apart of this community!

    • Lauren (parent of 3rd grader and 5th grader, 2023)

    What do you love about NMIS?

    Everyone is so caring and involved! You can tell they love their jobs.

    • Skye (parent of 2nd grader, 2023)

    What do you love about NMIS?

    The many and varied school projects, the IB curriculum, strong language learning, visual arts and music. We want our child to be an integrated, adaptive, responsible, and responsive global citizen, and we feel NMIS is the best choice to help him get there. We especially value the exceptional teachers he has had thus far.

    • Ruth (parent of 3rd grader, 2023)

    What do you love about NMIS?

    The sense of community among the students and among their parents is fantastic. The curriculum really develops a spirit of cooperation and collaboration among the kids, which we see both inside the classroom and in everyday interactions outside of school.

    • Anna (parent of 5th grader, 2023)

    What do you love about NMIS?

    The school is super communicative, the head of school is very involved and the teachers are kind and seem to care. 

    • Elizabeth (parent of 4th grader and 6th grader, 2023)

    What do you love about NMIS?

    I love how the teachers genuinely care about my students. I love how everything that you do with this program is intentional. We love NMIS!

    • Jacque (parent of 2nd grader and 7th grader, 2023)

    What do you love about NMIS?

    We found NMIS online before we even moved to New Mexico. We knew we wanted a Spanish immersion schools but we had no idea how lucky we were to get in. We see it daily. I love the way that everyone involved at NMIS is striving to help my daughter, and each student, become the best version of themselves. It’s so comforting to know that when she’s gone every day, she’s not only being taken care of, but being taught how to be a better human being. Thank you NMIS!

    • Melissa (parent of 1st grader, 2023)

    What do you love about NMIS?

    NMIS holds their students to a high standard which helps build confidence and sets the tone for the students future learning habits and life skills.

    • Ashley (parent of 1st grader, 2023)