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What Sets NMIS Apart?

  • A- overall rating
  • #3 Best Charter School in Albuquerque!
High Performing School
Our student achievement scores actually went up in 2022, when most of New Mexico has gone down.
Our 2022 English Language proficiency levels (grades 3-8)
  • 58.6% proficiency or higher (State average was 34% proficient)
  • Increased by 12% compared to pre-COVID data

Our 2022 Math proficiency levels (grades 3-8)

  • 59.7 % proficiency or higher (State average was 25.8%)
  • Increased by 10% compared to pre-COVID data
Developmentally appropriate and research supported homework policy
Our students have reasonable homework loads based upon research on homework efficacy.  First graders have approximately 10 minutes per night, and this increases up to 60-80 minutes per night for middle school students.

    Top Reasons to Enroll Your Child at NMIS

    U.S. students need to know more about the world. A recent study showed that:

    • Half of 18- to 24-year-olds could not find New York state on the map of the United States;
    • Fewer than three in ten felt that it was absolutely necessary to know where countries in the news were located;
    • Only 14 percent believed speaking another language fluently was a necessary skill;
    • Fewer than one in five young Americans owned a world map;
    • Three in ten respondents placed the United States population between one and two billion; and
    • Seventy-four percent said English was the most commonly spoken native language in the world.