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Lauren Gutierrez

Lauren Gutierrez

6-8 Language & Literature and Spanish Language Arts. 6th Grade Homeroom

Interests:  I love to read, rock climb, run and garden.  I also paint and love to create art, especially fiber arts.  I like camping, riding my bike and hiking.
Things that make me smile:  I enjoy being creative and being creative with others.  I like spending time outside with family and friends.  
Educational Philosophy:  Learning requires action!  Experience with new concepts in multiple contexts and modalities, especially through experience and connection to the real world facilitates learning.  
Favorite Part of My Job:  I love to learn, I love to see others learn.
My Hero:  My parents!  They have demonstrated hard work, sacrifice and compassion for others.  
What I value Most:  I value mutuality of generosity and honesty.  I value frankness and loyalty.  I value open-mindedness, curiosity, creativity and exploration.
Eva Ornelas

Eva Ornelas

7th Grade Homeroom Teacher and Middle School Mathematics

Interests: Classical Ballet and other forms of dance, piano, composition, performing arts (theater, musical theater), traveling, reading

Things that make me smile: My children, my family (including dogs), good music, television comedies and movies

Educational Philosophy: Discipline, accountability, diligence, perseverance, dedication, self-care, curiosity, creativity, honesty, collaboration, community, empathy and understanding for our fellow classmates and colleagues, enjoyment and appreciation of lifelong learning 

Favorite Part of Job: I like to be on the move constantly, and teaching keeps me busy in many different ways. Examples include planning, talking with and helping students, working with colleagues, strategizing about how to improve as a teacher or how to reach students in different ways. There is never a dull moment in the classroom, and students and teachers have to learn to work together to become as successful at learning and working as possible. 

Heroine: My mother is my heroine, because she is the most generous, kind, and loving person I have ever known.

What I Value Most: I value my family, friends, and faith in God the most. 

Amanda Kraft

Amanda Kraft

6-8th Science (Spanish) & Social Studies (English) 8th homeroom, Community project, 8th Design Teacher

Interests: Travel, urban homesteading, crocheting, skiing, reading and listening to stories
Things that make me smile: My students & a hot cup of coffee

Educational philosophy: 

  • The students and the teacher co-construct learning experiences and assessments (each group and year is diverse!)

  • Discussion & independent inquiry are a regular part of my classroom

  • I utilize hands-on activities and game-based learning. I believe we learn best while doing & creating and I make these experiences a priority.

  • My classroom is a multilingual space. We make time for language building, bridging and vocabulary development in English, Spanish & Arabic.

  • My classroom is a safe and inclusive space. Vulnerability is a practice. Students learn how to listen and how to respond to others with respect for differences.

  • Students take on a growth mindset. Making mistakes is part of the learning process and is welcome. Multiple perspectives are welcome.

  • I accept late & partial assignments and have a non-punitive/restorative response to behavior, but repeat offenses and a general lack of responsibility will require parent intervention. 

  • I teach using the Middle years program International Baccalaureate framework. As a middle school we are currently developing this program.

Favorite Part of My Job: The creative process of planning learning activities and seeing student growth and engagement as a result.
My Hero: Allison Roman, Colin Bedell, Ruth Bader Ginsburg
What I value Most: My family & as a teacher I value personal autonomy, creative and critical thinking and experiential learning.