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Due to inclement weather, NMIS is on a delayed schedule 2/15/23.  Students may begin reporting to NMIS at am/pm for class to begin at 10:20am.  Please follow the normal drop/off and pick/up procedures and be sure to pack lunch and snacks as usual. 

New Mexico International School
7215 Montgomery Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
PHONE (505) 503-7670
FAX (505) 503-7989

School Office Hours

Monday through Friday: 8:00am to 3:30pm


Reporting Absences: You may report absences using the Contact form below, via phone or email. 

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Language immersion is at the heart of the NMIS program.

Starting our program in kindergarten is ideal to increase the likelihood of becoming multilingual.  The goal is to replicate the language learning process we all underwent as we learned our first language as toddlers. 

 Much language research suggests that the “ideal” time to learn a second language peaks about age 5-6, while other research says students 8-9 years of age may still succeed in an immersion program. However, all children learning a second language early in life have a much higher probability to speak that language with a native-like accent.  In fact, by age 7, the ability to make certain phonemes of a language starts to diminish in our brains and continues to do so as we age. For this reason, we encourage registration in our program only in kindergarten and early first grade.


Instructional time in each language

Grade Level Percent of Instruction in English Percent of Instruction in Spanish Percent of Instruction in Arabic
Kindergarten and First Grades 10-20% 80-90% 0
Second Grade 25-35% 65-75% 0
Third Grade 40-50% 50-60% 0
Fourth and Fifth Grades 40-50% 50-55% 5-10%
Sixth and up 50-60% 30-40% 5-10%

7215 Montgomery Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
(505) 503-7670