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NMIS Family Handbook

We have all learned so much since our very first day of school in August of 2011. We have learned about our students, their families and ourselves. From this and many experiences between now and then we have found that some topics are commonly brought up and found it is easiest to cover them in one place for everyone to read and get consistent information from. Although there is lot of information included in this handbook, every possible scenario and situation cannot be thought of, so if you have any questions not discussed in here, feel free to ask me or your child’s teacher.

So that all NMIS family members will be familiar with the guidelines in the Family Handbook, we have made it accessible to all NMIS families on this website. Additions and changes may be made, so please check back periodically or as questions arise to stay familiar with the handbook. We encourage you to also cover the topics included in here with your children so that everyone is on the same page and they have a better understanding of the school they go to. We sincerely appreciate all of the support we get from our families.


Todd Knouse, Head of School

Language immersion is at the heart of the NMIS program.

Starting our program in kindergarten is ideal to increase the likelihood of becoming multilingual.  The goal is to replicate the language learning process we all underwent as we learned our first language as toddlers. 

 Much language research suggests that the “ideal” time to learn a second language peaks about age 5-6, while other research says students 8-9 years of age may still succeed in an immersion program. However, all children learning a second language early in life have a much higher probability to speak that language with a native-like accent.  In fact, by age 7, the ability to make certain phonemes of a language starts to diminish in our brains and continues to do so as we age. For this reason, we encourage registration in our program only in kindergarten and early first grade.


Instructional time in each language

Grade Level Percent of Instruction in English Percent of Instruction in Spanish Percent of Instruction in Arabic
Kindergarten and First Grades 10-20% 80-90% 0
Second Grade 25-35% 65-75% 0
Third Grade 40-50% 50-60% 0
Fourth and Fifth Grades 40-50% 50-55% 5-10%
Sixth and up 50-60% 30-40% 5-10%

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