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This is where you will find information just for you as a current NMIS family member. If you do not find the information you are looking for, you are always welcome to call us at (505) 503-7670.


  • NMIS Policies (NMIS Family Handbook) may be viewed here.
  • Online School Payments portal to pay for field trips and school and library fees:
  • Like our Facebook page for special annoucements.
  • Want to volunteer some time and teach a class after school? Please contact After School Program Committee at
  • Notice regarding NMIS Asbestos Management Plan may be viewed here


  • Have you read a great book you want to recommend for the NMIS library? Our book suggestion list is now online. Leave us as much info as you can (title, author, publisher or a link) on books you think are worthy of our collection and we’ll do our best to get them on the shelves. We especially welcome non-fiction, Spanish and Arabic book suggestions.


    • Need to order uniform tops (shirts/sweaters/jackets)? Go to to place an order. Due to copyright protections on our logo, all uniforms must be purchased from this vendor ONLY.
    • Need to order uniform bottoms? These may be purchased in the uniform section of retail stores, provided that they are identical to those shown in the most current edition of our Family Handbook.


    • There is an option to have lunch for your child delivered to the school. Our caterer is Rhubarb and Elliott. This is NOT a school lunch/USDA program. There are no free/reduced options.
    • Lunches are prepaid online. To set up an account, go to
    • Volunteers needed!  To donate a few hours of your time a week to help us with lunch duty, please contact our Receptionist at

    Want to Volunteer at NMIS?

    • You must have a valid background check and volunteer paperwork on file with NMIS first.
    • Click the link below for instructions on completing an NMIS background check.

    NMIS Library

    The NMIS Library Hours:

    Monday 8:30am-12:30pm 

    Tuesday 8:30am-1:30pm

    Wednesday 8:30am-12:45pm

    K-3rd Grades have designated schedules

    4th & 5th Grades utilize library open hours Wednesdays 11:30am-12:45pm (scheduled upon request)

    Contact: Amanda G. Alvarez, NMIS Library Clerk by email for questions or concerns. 

    Library Room 112

    NMIS Library Book Check out Rules

    • Kindergarten students can check out 1 book for two weeks at a time.
    • 1st-8th graders can check out 2 books for two weeks at a time. Extended privileges available if books are required for assignments and/or the student has a good record of returning books. 
    • Students are not able to check out any more books until they return books already checked out.
    • Re-checkout available. Students need to bring the book to the library to have the book rechecked out for extended 2 weeks. 
    • The library staff reserves the right to set limits on the number of high demand books that may be borrowed and/or renewed. 
    • We suggest that students keep their library books in a safe place (like their backpack), handle them carefully, and accept responsibility for returning them in as good condition as when they borrowed them. 
    • Parents and students are responsible for lost or damaged books. Missing books on the students account at the end of the school year will result in the students having to pay $20 per book at the end of the year.



    How many books can I check out?

    This depends on what grade you are in and what your library borrowing history has been. Kindergarten students can check out 1 book for two weeks at a time. 1st-8th grades can check out 2 books for two weeks at a time. 


    How long can I keep my borrowed materials?

    Library books are due two weeks after check out. Re-checkout is available. Students need to bring the book to the library to have the book rechecked out for extended 2 weeks. 


    Will notifications be received when books are checked out?

    Currently parents will receive an email from the NMIS library notifying them when a library book is overdue and action needs to be taken to return the borrowed materials. 

    Need to update your email address? Contact Please include your name as well as your student’s name, grade and teacher. 


    What if I lose or damage a book? 

    Students and parents are responsible for borrowed materials. If a library book is lost or damaged the student and parent are responsible for resolving the issue on the students account. A lost or damaged book can stop the student from being able to check out any other materials until the issue is taken care of on the student's account. 

    Options available: 

    1. Find the books & return them to the school library
    2. Purchase the missing books and give them to the library to replace the ones that were lost
    3. Pay the $20 NMIS Lost Library Book Fee * Click here to access the OSP to make the library book payment.

    Please make sure to follow our Book Care Rules so lost or damaged books do not happen a second time. 


    Where do I return my library books?

    • NMIS library
    • White library book drop cabinet in breezeway
    • Book drop bin next to receptions desk at front of school


    I want to help out in the library, can I?

    Yes! We can always use volunteers in the library. NMIS parent volunteers can come in and help check out books, shelve books, help students find books, help repair damaged books, care for our materials and work on special projects. Please click here or contact Eliza Gutierrez ( to sign up to volunteer. 

    Please click here to log your library volunteer hours. 


    Book Donations:

    We love book donations to expand our library. We ask that the books donated be relevant for our k-8 audience and that they are in good, gently used condition. 


    Books Care 

    1. Store borrowed books in a safe dry place (like your backpack).
    2. Keep borrowed books away from pets, babies, and food and drinks.
    3. Protect our borrowed books from bad weather.  
    4. Be sure your hands are clean when handling borrowed books. 
    5. Don't mix your borrowed library books with books from home. 
    6. Never lay a book face down; use a bookmark to save your place.
    7. Turn pages gently.
    8. Do not bend the pages.
    9. Do not remove stickers, tags or labels. 
    10. No drawing or coloring in borrowed books.  


    In the Future:

    -List of stories we have read aloud in the library together w/note on connection to IB attributes

    -Details on our Book Review competition and access to the english/spanish review doc

    -Access to online book options/web pages/read alouds

    7215 Montgomery Blvd NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87109
    (505) 503-7670