Charter Performance Contract 2021-2026

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  • The New Mexico International School (NMIS) is an independent, public charter school authorized and accredited by Albuquerque Public Schools. The NMIS Performance Contract gives specifics in terms of the accreditation. Such contracts are granted for a maximum of 5 years, and the school must seek to reauthorize at the conclusion of the contract. The current NMIS Performance Contract is from 2021-2026. It covers
  • Mission statement
  • The curriculum framework, including the philosophy and approach to curriculum
  • A description of the curriculum, including instructional strategies and methods, guidelines for the NMIS educational program,
  • General policies, including student performance expectations and plans for evaluating student performance
  • How the school is governed

In addition to the Performance Contract, the school establishes an Annual Framework that includes mission-specific goals. The school is visited annually by a team from Albuquerque Public Schools to monitor attainment of these goals as well as compliance with other legal and regulatory items. These include programmatic requirements, fiscal requirements and Special Education requirements.