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NMIS offers many different afterschool options. These include both classes that children can participate in, as well as simple afterschool day care. The classes that are offered vary from school year to school year. Some examples are: Aikido, Explora Science, ceramics, Lego club, etc. These classes are fee-based and usually run for 8-12 weeks from after school until sometime around 4:00 (specific vary by class). The afterschool day care goes until 6:00. More information on this option can be found under “after care” on the menu to the left.


All children have the option to attend up to four extracurricular field trips per year. These destinations are linked to the central idea from one of the six IB units of inquiry students are engaged in. Examples of field trips include: National Weather Center, Metro Court, Meow Wolf, Rancho de Los Golondrias, Casa San Ysidro, and the State Capitol.

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Instructional time in each language

Spanish English Arabic
K 90% 10% NA
1st 80% 20% NA
2nd 70% 30% NA
3rd 60% 40% NA
4th 40% 50-55% 5-10%
5th 40% 50-55% 5-10%

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